IP Blind actuator: HmIP-FBL

The most important step is, that the blind actuator is correctly connected/wired:

If you observe, that the "Up" button on the homematic webinterface actually moves the blind down, you for sure have to replace
the cables.
We recommend, that as soon as the device is teached in to the CCU and connected with power and the shade device,
the first thing you should do is clicking on the "Up" or "Down" button in the device control screen on the homematic webinterface.

  1. Go to the device control screen
  2. Select the blind actuator (on the left side) and click on "Up" or "Down"

    It is not possible for SARAH to detect, if a device has been wired correctly or not. If the "Up" and "Down" buttons on the homematic
    webinterface are causing the wrong thing, then also SARAH will behave incorrectly (inversed).

Secondly it is important, that the duration times of the movement of the shade device are setted up correctly:

  1. Go to the device settings overview

  2. Navigate to the relevant device and click on "Set"

  3. Now navigate to the section "Status report jalousie" (by default channel 3 of this device type)

    It is recommended to set the movement times manually. There are some default time spans which can be selected, but to grant
    a properly interacting device with SARAH, we recommend to exactly measure the running time and enter the values manually.
    For the angle (Slat adjustment time) you will mostly have to enter a floating number of seconds → use "100ms" instead of "Seconds"
    in the "Unit" field (entered value is multiplied with 100ms)
  4. The other configuration options are not as important as the movement time for SARAH, the default settings should work well.

Gateway restrictions

It is not possible to just send the angle alone to a blind/shade device of homematic. The device just does not react.
We always have to send a minimal change of the position when updating the angle.
This means that the physical blind device will always, when changing the angle, first move a little bit up or down (depending on the current position)
before the angle gets finally set.